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(All thats required for you to begin is a small, affordable, deposit. The rest is only payable when you have made a profit of £20,000!)

AITS is a software application that easily allows you to place trades in many different markets, track them and then exit at the right time. Using a simple red light green light indicator system all you need to do is watch it to buy in at the right time and sell at the right time.

Below is a 3 minute video that I filmed showing how the system works.




So you have heard my story, watched the video and maybe become a little excited about how different your life could be in 12 months time and probably have questions. Below is a list of the most frequently asked by hundreds of people all over the world that have used this system every day to better their lives and get them closer to financial freedom:-


Q. I've never even looked at trading charts before and it looks complicated. Is it easy?

A. When you enter the site there are video and written explanations, with step by step illustrations, to show you how easy it is to get started. Over 2,000 people have been on the course and only 4 stated they found the written explanations and videos too difficult. If you can use a smartphone you can use this too.

Q. I want to learn as quickly as possible. Can I attend a course?

A. If you look at the payment options we can help you in two ways. The first is to pay monthly and learn at your own pace, downloading the modules as you go. The second payment option is to pay the deposit in full and attend a week long immersion course. This can accelerate the speed with wich you learn and I will teach you all we need to know during that week.

Q. You say the lights are red and green but I'm colourblind. How can I use the software?

A. The templates are originally red and green. However, we have a video devoted to this issue and how you can change the colours to suit yourself.

Q. What if I decide I don't want to carry on after I have subscribed to the course?

A. If you decide the course isn't for you, just email us, giving 14 days notice, and your subscription will be cancelled (does not apply to option 2). No more money will be taken from your account and the coursework you have downloaded, you can keep.

Q. What if I still get stuck, despite all of the videos and examples?

A. We hold twice-weekly webinars where you can ask me questions and a support centre where you can post questions we will answer.

Q. I've read that those who sell courses don't really trade. How do I know you are not the same?

A. We have numerous recordings of me placing real live trades, dated and audited. Feel free to view them.

Q. If you make so much from trading why do a course, you could be spending your time elsewhere?

A. Well, I will let you into a little secret.....I get bored. I suppose as I get older I also have adopted an attitude of wanting to set a legacy. Because I started teaching courses AFTER my success, when I was asked to show others how to trade, I had already had a great lifestyle with plenty of free time. My Porsche and houses were bought way before I asked you to join me, and from the proceeds of my trading success!

Q. If you make so much and you genuinely want to help others, why charge a fee?

A. If I gave this away for free then people wouldn't see the value in it and wouldn't see it through. so we put a price tag on there that separates those that will commit to success from the dreamers.

Q. What if I don't make money, how do I get it back as per the guarantee?

A. You just need to send in the details of the trades you have placed throughout the course. They are recorded on your platform so they will be checked and any money owed as per the guarantee will be refunded.

Q. What if I dont want to trade, or I dont have time to trade, but I want somebody to do it for me?


A. If you simply dont have time to trade, but you have an investment pot, no problem. We have partnered with another great product to help you earn money. Just click here to find out more!


What's in it For You?-you only pay a small affordable deposit!

Well, this is the cheapest course of its type around as you only pay for 1/3 of the course cost. Plus we have several payment options for you outlined below. And the best news is, with any option you choose, it costs less than two coffee's per day! And for that you get:-

  •  Immediate access to the site

  • Easy to use instructions for trading any markets; currencies, crypto's, stocks and shares!

  • Videos and software required for you to select the right trades

  • Each month a new module is unlocked for you to download building on what you have learned from the month before

  • Full access to hundreds of videos showing you how to implement the strategies you are learning

  • Full access to the 'FAQ' section so you can find answers to the most popular questions instantly!

  • Full access to the twice weekly webinars where you can ask me advice and any questions. There you can see trade set ups and potential earning areas for us to trade!

  • Full  access to the recordings of the webinars to watch whenever you want

  • Full access to the support area where you can email me any questions you have

  • Learn how I trade currencies, crypto's, commodities and how I trade stocks and shares!


If you have read this far and watched the videos then you are probably interested in moving forward. Like anything new, you may feel overwhelmed at first and a little frustrated. Persist! If you can make it past the 4 month stage then you will have generated the discipline that it takes to make this either a nice sideline or an opportunity to work at it full time and make your own money rather than someone else paying you what they think you are worth!


If you want further information before you sign up to this then please email me at and I will reply.

There are other courses out there available that claim to do the same but no one has a guarantee quite like this one.


  ....the 100% risk free guarantee!         risk free guarantee


You can test this out at home, make as much profit as you like, and when you have done that I offer you these guarantees.

Firstly, if you haven't made more than your 12 month course fees during that period, and you have followed all of the course and its methods exactly, I will refund the difference!

Secondlyif you can prove to me that anybody else out there gives this much to their students, or that I am not 100% genuine about helping you succeed, or  that any other course gives everything that I want to give to you, and at the same price, I will give you £25!  I never once saw that on any course I attended but I am that confident!


Thirdly, you only pay a small deposit (and even that should be paid from your trading profits) and this can be done through a monthly subscription, or if you want to fast track your way to success, up front. The remainder of the course cost you only pay me when you have made your first £20,000!!!!!


So there you go! However you landed on this page, I hope you feel encouraged enough to make a commitment to your future that puts you in control. Click below to get started and I look forward to supporting you on this fantastic adventure.

Now you are ready to take the next step in your new venture, take a look at the superb and affordable payment options below. The course cost is £9,950. However you only pay a small part of the fee initially. The rest is only paid when you have made a profit of £20,000!

Payment option 1

Option 1, for those who want to take it month by month we have the subscription option. The course costs just £247 per month for all training materials (delivered electronically) twice weekly webinars, all site content and access to the support centre.
You will have immediate access to the course content once payment is complete. You can cancel at anytime by giving 14 days notice. Monthly payments are due on the same day each month that you signed up, and your account will be inaccessible until your monthly payment is due. You can pay for your purchase with most debit or credit cards through our payment service provider stripe. Its totally secure and you do not need to create an account with them. By proceeding you agree to the terms and conditions on this website.


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I want to accelerate my earning potential!

OK, maybe you don't want to spend 12 months learning your new skill; you want to do it quicker and have that time spare. Well in that case take a look at the payment options for the accelerator course. This course gives you all the same as option 1,  you get immediate access to all the modules. You still get a full 12 months support via webinars and support tickets (we don’t leave people behind on my course) but on top of the increased speed of module delivery you get  a week long immersion course. The course is held at Derby University and I will lecture you.The course is  run on the last weekof each month so you can choose the best time for you to attend.Full details are in the Aitradesafe website.

I will show you how to load your charts, how to master the basics and explain things first hand. This course can help you slingshot your new venture so I can get you earning as quickly as possible.

So here are the two payment options to slingshot your new career.

Payment option 2

You can pay for the initial course fee of £2964 in full by debit or credit card. Then you pay the balance when you have earned £20,000 profit.(please note this is non refundable as you get immediate access to the full course).


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aits money back guarantee


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